Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I have so much stuff that focuses on what *I* want to do, but I was reminded today to step back and address the needs of the larger field. Now, this brings up all sorts of questions, like what larger field? the field of Education? The field of Educational Technology? The field of Augmented Reality Gaming? I just don't know where to start, so let me start broadly and work my way down.

What is ARG?
Augmented Reality Gaming is ... (It occurs to me that I still do not have an entry that explains (in general terms) what is meant by this term. There's plenty of words about my variation of it though.)

Why is ARG needed?
  • ARGs offer structured learning (curriculum), small group attention, "thick" situated learning environments, with rich informational resources.
  • Video Games offer structured learning, individualized attention, and "thick" (virtual) meaningful learning environments.
  • Classroom learning offers structured learning for large groups in a "thin" meaningless environment with the minimal informational resources needed to complete the lesson.
  • Field trips are ideally structured learning for large groups in "thick" situated environments, with rich (but set) informational resources.
  • Computers in the classroom offer the rich resources of the Internet in typically unstructured lessons, and un-situated learning environments.


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